Tweet Addresses Twitter, Turning Down R&B Divas & New Album | Where You Been?

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  • Tweet Addresses Twitter, Turning Down R&B Divas & New Album | Where You Been?
  • T.C.Carson aka "Kyle" from Living Single
  • Kenny Lattimore Is Back With New Music And Answers For Where He's Been
  • Kyla Pratt Of The Proud Family | Where You Been?
  • Slim Talks Reuniting With 112, Bad Boy Reunion Tour & 'Refueled' Album | Where You Been?
  • Jagged Talk How They Have Maintained Their Group So Long
  • J.D. Williams Of The Wire
  • Vivian Green On Juggling Her Career And Being Present For Her Special Needs Son
  • Where You Been? Kiely Williams from 3LW
  • Cress Williams Talks Living Single Cast
  • Cherie Johnson Talks New Projects and Upcoming Book "Peaches
  • Cherie Johnson talks "Punky Brewster" and Addresses Playboy
  • Mike Bivins Talks New Edition Biopic And The Creation Of BBD | Where You Been?
  • Bilal On How He Got His Start, Musical Influence & Soul Sista | Where You Been?
  • After 7 Returns To R&B After 20 Years To Create 'Timeless' Album | Where You Been?
  • '90s R&B Group "Hi-Five" Talk Highs And Lows Of Staging A Music Comeback
  • D. Woods Talks Music, Acting, And Diddy
  • Singer Case Reminisces On Beyonc√©, Foxy Brown & Def Jam | Where You Been
  • Kel Mitchell Talks Avoiding The Curse Of Child Stardom | Where You Been?
  • MadameNoire Goes To Tank's Stronger U Fitness Class
  • Tamia Is Back With New Album And Relationship Tips
  • Ernie Hudson Reflects On Ghostbusters, Talks Ageism & Turning Down Grey's Anatomy | Where You Been?
  • Soul 4 Real Is Back | Where You Been?
  • Steven Harts Of R&B Group Troop | Where You Been?
  • Teedra Moses Talks Rick Ross, New Music And God-Given Voice | Where You Been?
  • Singer Mya Explains Why She Took A Break From The Industry | Where You Been?
  • Darius McCrary Talks 'Family Matters' Legacy, 'Superhead' & 'Miki Howard Story' | Where You Been?
  • Marc John Jefferies On Why Child Stars Never Become Adult Actors
  • Deborah Cox On Imitating Whitney's Houston Voice In the Lifetime Movie
  • Kim Coles Exclusive
  • Robert Ri'chard Talks 'Bodyguard' Remake With Ariana Grande | Where You Been?
  • Leon Robinson From "The Five Heartbeats"
  • Miki Howard Talks Sobriety, Biopic & Being Blackballed | Where You Been?
  • Jermaine Crawford Says Singing Opened Up Doors For Acting On The Wire | Where You Been?
  • Cassandra Lucas Of Changing Faces
  • Joi Marshall of R&B group Jade
  • Michael Brown & Failure To Indict In Ferguson

MadameNoire caught up with Tweet to get her thoughts on tweeting becoming so popular, turning down R&B Divas and so much more! Tune in!




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